Create connection with new customers, while they connect with each other

Dating apps are supposed to help people find love, but they don’t connect singles to date locations. We’re changing that.

  • Approach Partner Businesses provide a safe, local, and welcoming space for users to connect on a date.

  • Your business would be listed as a suggested location to meet with the option to offer a special within the app exclusively for Approach users.

  • Partner Businesses have access to an admin panel to see data around the traffic Approach is driving to your business.

Why Sign Up to be an Approach Partner Business?

Approach partners with you, local businesses, so that you can advertise directly to potential single customers through our app. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in partnering with us and we will reach out to you!

The metrics speak for themselves.

You’ll have access to customer analytics and a business dashboard.

Pilot Downloads
Pilot Partner Businesses
In-Person Connections

As a business, you can engage with singles in two ways: hosting singles events and welcoming singles for 1-on-1 dates.

Custom Business Profile
You customize your business profile and singles event information and add specials through your Approach account.

Data Analytics
Your admin panel gives you data on your single customers, showing the value of partnering with Approach.

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Thank You to Our Pilot Partners

We appreciate our current pilot partnerships in the St. Louis area

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